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May 10, 2011

ravensbluff farm

222 Meyer Road
Salt Spring Island BC
p: 250-653-9755

Purebred coloured Romney sheep in white and colours.
Fleece: $6-7 / lb
Lamb Fleece: $9 / lb
Llama Fleece: $8-9 / lb
Millspun Yarn: ¢20/g
Handspun: ¢16-18/g


May 10, 2011

bullock lake farm

John or Iris Fulker
360 Upper Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island BC, V8K 1R7
p: 250 537 4895

All of the animals on Bullock Lake Farm are kept for the fibre that they produce (llamas, Angora goats and six different breeds of sheep).  After shearing, the fleeces are sorted and washed and then sent to the Gulf Islands Spinning Mil, for processing. The finished yarn is returned to the farm where it is dyed.

Variegated yarns are $16. per 100 grams

Custom dyeing: solid colours $14 per 100 grams, variegated $16 per 100 grams

Shetland wool in natural colours (undyed): $11.00 per 100 grams.

Cotswold yarn, spun to a medium weight, two ply: $11.00 per 100 grams

Mohair roving,  blend with about 20% wool; 100% mohair also available.  $6.00 per 100 gram

Mohair locks:  $4.00 per 100 grams

Coloured and white Border Leicester locks.$3.50 per 100 grams.


Apr 8, 2011

semiahmoo suffolks

Margaret Sampson
3375 – 180th Street
Surrey, BC V3S 0L5

Purebred Suffolk sheep & lambs
Naturally coloured crossbreds
Fresh-frozen lamb, by 1/2 or whole, cut to customer order

Raw fleece and rovings processed at Custom Woolen Mills in Alberta
Washable lambskins
Llama fibre and manure

Apr 8, 2011

our lady of the rock

Cotswold Sheep, Fine Fibered Llamas And Alpacas (All Colors)

PO Box 425
Shaw Island, WA 98286

Raw Wool, Washed Wool, Yarn (Cotswold), Woven Blankets (Cotswold – Woven At Macauslands In Canada), Some Hand Products

Tours & Retreats, please email Mother Hildegard